Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Craziness Continues

In a tournament that has featured buzzer beaters, last second shots, overtimes and multiple double overtimes, it seemed unlikely a game in the Sweet 16 could top all the ones before it. However, that's just what the Xavier-Kansas State showdown accomplished this past Thursday. The game was ultimately decided in two overtimes, and when the madness finally subsided, Kansas State survived with an astounding 101-96 victory. This wasn't an ordinary game. Most times, college players from opposing teams who make a few clutch shots in the final minutes seconds is equivalent to a good finish, but that didn't describe this heavyweight battle. Kansas State's Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen nailed three after three, only to be equalled by clutch three-pointers by Xavier's Terrell Holloway and Jordan Crawford. Every time it looked like one team was ready to seize the game, some one hit a clutch shot. The most amazing one came when Crawford, who dunked over NBA beast Lebron James in a basketball camp, hit a 40 footer with five seconds left. Crawford, along with Holloway, hit many of their shots from way out, setting fans out of their seats in awe of an incredible moment and game. The game was scintillating and captivating, but words cannot really describe it. To be a witness to such an inspiring and amazing show was an honor. I cannot imagine if I was actually there in the arena where the craziness took place. If there was any question before as to if this tournament will be one of the best of all time, this game brought it to that level. Will we see any more amazing games? Tune in to the rest of the tournament to find out. The madness of March is still upon us!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Statement Game

Hockey is like a religion in Canada. Canada has some of the best players in the world, is playing in its home country in this year's Winter Olympics and is thought of as a favorite. When Canada faced off against the U.S.A. on Sunday Night, on paper, it seemed Canada was way better, but that's why you play the game. An energized American team came out firing, played great defense and silenced a massive Canadian crowd in a 5-3 victory for the Americans. While both squads were undefeated coming in, this was the stage for America to test how good they really are. With just three of their 23 players returning from the last Olympics, the Americans proved their Olympic inexperience wasn't a factor. Goalie Ryan Miller was incredible in net, making clutch save after clutch save. While he shined on defense, team USA's offense was impressive as well, with Brian Rafalski netting two goals. Even a frantic charge by Canada wasn't enough, as Ryan Kesler made a diving, one handed shot around a Canadian into the open net to seal the 5-3 victory.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Legit Super Bowl Picks

I have San Diego facing the winner of Dallas-Minnesota in the Super Bowl. The reason I don't decide which NFC team to pick is only due to superstition. The Cowboys are on a roll, and I don't want to jinx anything by electing a winner. But, I will say the winner will beat the Saints. The Saints will beat the Cardinals this week, but won't get by the Cowboys or the Vikings. The reason being is that the Saints defense will ultimately let them down. The Boys and the Vikings are too talented defensively to allow the Saints to go wild on offense, and offensively, they will outplay the Saints defense. 

In the AFC, I have SD advancing to the Super Bowl. SD can be as explosive on offense as any team in the league, and even if they're not clicking on all cylinders, their special teams alone keeps them in games, if not wins the games for the Chargers. They will inevitably have a huge clash with Indy. Although I will say, Baltimore was my pre-season Super Bowl pick, and should give Indy all they can handle. Look for a close game. Either way, I have the Chargers moving onto the Super Bowl. Having Indy's number and matching up well will help the Chargers, who are the hottest team in football. 

28-24 Saints over Cards
27-14 Indy over Ravens
34-10 Chargers over Jets
Go Cowboys!

Cytron Out!