Thursday, April 14, 2016

Historic Night and a Fitting Farewell

Usually, the last night of the NBA is a formality. Well, for the Warriors, it was, and hats off to them. But, only one man in today's game could steal the show on this night, as he's done his whole career.

Kobe dropping 60 was anything but a formality. And, with so much pressure and emotion for his last game, few players, if any, could have this great of a game, carrying one of the worst teams all season to a comeback victory for the ages.

Kobe has always been my favorite athlete (on the court). His work ethic, ability to play through injury and clutch gene are second to none in my generation. So, how fitting was it that all of those qualities were on display last night, in front of a packed house of Lakers fans screaming to the rooftops for the first time in years?

I've never been a Lakers fan, and probably never will. But, that doesn't matter. Just like it doesn't matter if you don't even love the game. You still have to respect the Black Mamba. What an epic storybook ending for a legend. Thanks for everything Kobe!